Egyptian Election: First Stage Final Results Bring Chaos

I am delighted to say that after the announcement of the first stage final results of the elections, the situation is dramatically changing in Egypt and Mr Shafiq’s position is even stronger. Though he came as a 2nd with total votes of 5.5 Million and the first is Mr Morsi with 5.7 Million votes.

After today’s results people were gathering in the streets objecting that Mr Shafiq is in the final race. It was claimed that the majority of the protesters side with Mr Sabahi who scored 4.8 Million , Abu El-Fetooh came in the 4th position, and Khalid Ali.  None of these three are in the final anyway and Mr Ali has scored the least with just above 120,000 votes. The gatherings were in thousands and in 6 cities around Egypt with the largest being in Alexandria and in Tahreer Square in Cairo. The main two reasons for the protestors being on the streets in Alexandria because Mr Sabahi made an appeal and it was refused and they would like to see Mr Shafiq excluded from the final.

The vast majority of population were surprised to see these massive gatherings because they firmly believe it was a very fair election. Sooner after that and towards the night, protesters were chanting anti-government and anti-election slogans “No to Badee No to Shafiq and Down Down to the Army Rule” and they started to tear down Mr Shafiq’s and Mr Morsi’s posters. Mr Badee is the official leader and guide of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Doki’s Campaign Office on Fire


The so-called revolution supporters have attacked 8 offices that belonged to Mr Shafiq’s campaign in 6 locations around Egypt. One of his offices was set on fire in Doki area in Cairo and it was believed that total amount of loss will be around 1 Million Egyptian Pounds. Mr Shafiq’s campaigners believe that the attack was carried out by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. The interesting thing is that the police and the army are not present to deter those people from such acts.

People are still in the streets protesting for the results. But one positive thing is being noticed, that so many people now hate the revolution and accusing the revolution supporters of being anti-democratic for not accepting the results. At the same time, so many are switching sides and declaring their support to Mr Shafiq for the 2nd stage of the presidency election which will take place in the 2nd week of June 2012.

Inside one of the offices

The majority of the Egyptians are now fed-up with this so-called revolution and would have liked to see a president elected in a democratic way after getting rid of the dictatorship of the past regime. But, Egyptians are now facing a new type of dictatorship which is the voices on the streets that want results to suit their temper and their own way. It is widely felts that the revolutionists have lost their ground. And Mr Shafiq is now and continually getting a wider support and would love to see him win because he would be able to bring stability back to Egypt.


Dr ASHRAF ISMAIL is the Chairman of AIG Holding | UK & Middle East

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