Dr Ashraf Ismail is devoted to managing and promoting AIG HOLDING in Europe and the Middle East with clear vision to deliver projects and professional services that embrace quality, sustainability, and cost savings. His aim is to provide cutting edge multi-disciplinary consulting services to the private and public sectors.

Dr Ashraf Ismail has more than 25 years experience in architecture and regional planning with proven competence in conceptual and detailed design, project coordination project management, contract administration, and construction supervision.

As an Architect and Lead Consultant, he worked on medium to large scale projects located in Europe, South Africa, Japan and the Middle East while worked for several reputable international architectural practices in UK.

As a Town Planner, he has a very strong track record in regional and local planning; with special competence in policy analysis and formulation, development briefs, planning applications, and knowledgable of the legal planning appeal process in UK.

He has specific interest and competence in master planning, urban design, and the environmentally related issues; affecting development, design, and construction of sustainable projects. He worked on several environmentally oriented research projects and completed many green-design and environmentally friendly buildings.

He has also proven expertise in Socio-economic issues which were part of his undergraduate and postgraduate education in Planning. These expertise are vital and the backbone knowledge when producing feasibility studies and development analysis. He has keen interest on the socio-economics of several Middle East countries; Egypt, Iraq, Saudi, and Lebanon.

In 1985, he graduated from King Saud University and awarded Bachelor of Architecture & Planning. He is now a Registered Architect with ARB in UK and a Chartered Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects in London.

In 1987, he was awarded a postgraduate Diploma in Town & Regional Planning from Sheffield University in England. Following to that, he worked for international architectural and planning firms in UK.

In 1992, he gained a research grant and bursary award from the EC in conjunction with the University of Portsmouth to carry out advanced academic research in Computer Aided Design with emphasis in 3D City Modelling and was awarded PhD in CAD.

In academia, he produced more than 12 international accredited and refereed publications; keywords: 3D modelling, visualisation, decision support systems, shared / central modelling. He presented his research work in several international conferences in UK, Holland, Spain, Italy, Russia, and USA.


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