A bid for the Development Strategy for a Metropolitan City in Asia in association with AIC DEVELOPMENTS

A bid for the Development Strategy for a Metropolitan City in Asia in association with AIC DEVELOPMENTS

AIC DEVELOPMENTS www.aicdev.co.uk is preparing to enter a bid for the Development Strategy for a Metropolitan City in Asia.

We are seeking international consulting practices to work with AIC DEVELOPMENTS to provide Consulting services for Developing a Medium-Long Term City Development Strategy. The objectives of the assignment is to support the concerned government in developing a Medium-Long Term City Development Strategy for the Metropolitan Area and to cover the following:

Build upon a highly participatory process and close collaboration with key stake holders

  1. Integrate urban planning with economic development by building on the existing and emerging economic drives of the Metropolitan area.
  2. Allocate strategically the resources to key catalytic investments in order to attract private investments and avoid sub-optimal allocation of public fund.
  3. Mobilizes both local and external resources for city development and
  4. Develop the institutional capacity and set permanent mechanism that will ensure the implementation

The selected consultant will prepare the CDS through following six stages as follows

  1. Stage 1: Formulation of the Knowledge framework with the stake holders
  2. Stage 2: SWOT analysis with the stakeholders
  3. Stage 3: Visioning with the stakeholders
  4. Stage 4: Formulation of the CDS
  5. Stage 5: Formulation of Implementation measures.
  6. Stage 6: Preparation of the TOR for the integrated Master Plan for the Metropolitan Area.

The selected consultant will be a company with proved international experience in CDS formulation has been prepared at least 2 (two) City Development Strategies and /or Local Development Studies preferably with alliance and WB approach. The consulting company will be required to make available CDS Team with following experts:

  1. Team Leader / Urban Planning-Development Specialist
  2. Urban Economist/ LED Specialist
  3. Urban Infrastructure and Utilities expert(Municipal Engineer)
  4. Urban Environmental  Expert
  5. Cultural Heritage and Tourism Expert
  6. Institutional Building and Training Expert

The companies applying for this assignment are required to include the CV’s of relevant experts in their EOI.

The eligible consultant to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services description of similar assignments experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among (audited financial accounts other resources etc) Consultants may have associate to enhance their qualification.

A consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank Guide Lines Selection of Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers 2011 edition.

AIC DEVELOPMENTS is to be an associate consultant to the lead consultant on this project.

 All initial contacts by email to Dr ASHRAF ISMAIL, Principal Consultant, AIC DEVELOPMENTS  | Europe & Middle East | email: info@aicdev.co.uk | mobile: +961 70 090 582

Final Date of  submission is 14.00 hrs 12th June 2012


AIG HOLDING New Structure

The structure within AIG Holding has been modified to reflect our new businesses:

(1) ASHRAF ISMAIL | Chartered Architect

For more information about the group of companies, please visit the website at www.aigholding.co.uk


Egypt to have world’s largest crystal lagoon

Egypt is to surpass Chile in having the world’s largest navigable crystalline lagoon as part of a new real estate development in Sharm El Sheikh.

One of 10 lagoons planned for the project, the 12 hectare pool will set a new world record for man made lagoons on Egypt’s Red Sea coast. Creators of the lagoon, Crystal Lagoons, have announced that the project as a whole will cover more than 100 hectares, with the first lagoon inaugurated early 2011.

Fernando Fischmann, the company’s owner and founder, said: “The project is the result of our association with Golden Pyramids Plaza, owned by the Sharbatly family. He added: “We have also sealed strategic alliances for a number of other tourism developments including the Amer Group’s Soma Bay, in Hurghada, a US$1.2 billion investment that will be operational in 2012.”

Already supplying and installing lagoons to the US$1.2 billion Dubai Lagoons project in Donwtown Dubai, the firm relies on patented ‘crystalline lagoon technology’ to develop its pools, which involves extraction of water from the ocean before its recirculation – apparently extremely energy efficient compared with conventional pool systems.

Close to completing the first stage of the Dubai Lagoons project, Crystal Lagoons will construct, maintain and provide technical support for a pilot lagoon by the end of the year, before taking responsibility for all the development’s water features.

Among the firm’s 50 ongoing and planned developments throughout the Middle East, are projects in Pakistan, Oman and Morocco, as well as a total of 12 projects in Egypt in places like Cairo and resorts near to Alexandria. In addition, the company has a project in Jordan called “Dead Sea Lagoon”, located near the Dead Sea coast, due to be completed halfway through 2011. A final project is set to be incorporated alongside the world’s next tallest building in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, whilst proposals are also being discussed for developments in Abu Dhabi.

Fischmann said: “In all of these projects, Crystal Lagoons provides something that until now was neither technical nor economically possible – the construction and low cost maintenance of monumental masses of water in a crystalline state that allows a beach life environment and top level aquatic sports within a city.” He added: “These crystal clear lagoons form an impressive artificial paradise, even in the most inhospitable climates.” He said: “Technically it is a very challenging process and a unique concept adaptable to rain forests, marshes, deserts or urban sprawls. They can also be created on overcrowded or eroded coastlines and breathe new life into previously contaminated rivers.”

The company plans to unveil more details about its future projects at Cityscape Global, at the Dubai World Trade Centre on 4-7 October this year.

Source: Elizabeth Broomhall, Arabian Business 25.09.2010

AIG Collaboration in Lebanon

AIG Holding met in Beirut – Lebanon with one of the country’s big developer to establish collaboration in conjunction with a number of international UK based architectural and urban planning practices. The discussions will be on-going till mid October to secure future commissions of design and master planning projects.

Business Collaboration News: Joint Venture between AIG Holding and Citilinks

The two companies AIC DEVELOPMENTS and AIC which are part of AIG Holding have established formal collaboration on joint venture basis with Citilinks, which is a Belgium company with offices in Europe, Asia, and West Africa. Citilinks is a specialised consulting company in City Planning and Design. This collaboration will widen our scope of services and will enable us to deal with large scale projects in other locations; such as the region of MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

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