Egyptian Elections – Confusion before announcement of first stage result

Egyptian Elections – Confusion before announcement of first stage result

It is expected that later today, on Monday 28th May, the final results of the first stage of the Egyptian Elections will be announced. The majority of the Egyptians believe that there will be re-run of election between Mr Ahmed Shafiq and Mr Mohamed Morsi. During the last few days the results and total figures have shown that they are the 2 candidates with the highest scores.

However, some leading public figures have different views about the 2 candidates that will be in the final presidential race based on the final scores that they have. They claim that Mr Morsi scored the highest figure of 5548219 followed by Mr Hamdeen Sabahi (the left wing activist) who scored 5205091. And in the third place is Mr Shafiq who scored 5173952. On that basis, the presidential race ought to be between Mr Morsi and Mr Hamdeen. So, Mr Shafiq is technically out of the race.

Mr Sabahi has many supporters who have been gathering and marching in several places around Egypt and they will continue doing so till tomorrow. The supporters have been making remarks that the revolution will continue or 2nd stage of wide-spread protests will take place if Mr Sabahi is not in the final race. If those figures proved to be true, I would expect chaos will be looming over Egypt for weeks to come.  Mr Sabahi has charisma for many young Egyptians and from the older generations who are in support of Pro-Nasir Movement.

In my personal views, I predict that Mr Sabahi will get the winning majority of voices and greater support in the final race if he is running against Mr Morsi. Supporters of Mr Shafiq will switch sides to support Mr Sabahi than of course giving their votes to Mr Morsi who represents the Muslim Brothers.

However, the final result will be announced today in the afternoon. The final figures will be given and the names of the 2 presidential candidates.


Egyptian Elections – Result: First Stage

by Dr Ashraf Ismail on Friday, May 25th, 2012 at 11:45pm

Egyptian Elections – Result: First Stage

On Friday 25th May 2012, the 3rd day of the presidential election in Egypt. The 3 presidential candidates in forefront are in the following order: Mr Ahmed Shafiq, Dr Mohamed Morsi, and Mr Hamdeen Sabahi. The first is leading by 100,000 votes and we are still waiting for the final results of the last 6 governates. It is already expected and predicted that the election will be repeated next week between the two fore runners. Mr Shafiq is a military background man who served under the previous regime and Mr Morsi is a representative figure of the Muslim Brotherhood. The two candidates have different kind of supporters, wide and varied representative age groups, and different political agendas.

Mr Shafiq has both conservative and liberal way of thinking and know to be a very practical person aiming to bring stability to the country and solid investments. Whereas Mr Morsi is an islamist hardliner with an affiliation to a group that has deceitful history full of violence.

In terms of future investments and socio-economic development programmes, it is widely envisaged that Egypt’s economy will rapidly grow under Mr Shafiq’s development progamme. Others do have reservations and fears about the state of affairs that Egypt will go through should Mr Morsi wins this race.

Violence and unrest could easily be evident but we cannot guess to what extent at this stage. Several pro-revolution groups have been making suggestive remarks, on social networking sites, towards violence and revenge because Mr Shafiq’s presence on the political scene and being at the leadership of this fair election.

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