A bid for the Development Strategy for a Metropolitan City in Asia in association with AIC DEVELOPMENTS

A bid for the Development Strategy for a Metropolitan City in Asia in association with AIC DEVELOPMENTS

AIC DEVELOPMENTS www.aicdev.co.uk is preparing to enter a bid for the Development Strategy for a Metropolitan City in Asia.

We are seeking international consulting practices to work with AIC DEVELOPMENTS to provide Consulting services for Developing a Medium-Long Term City Development Strategy. The objectives of the assignment is to support the concerned government in developing a Medium-Long Term City Development Strategy for the Metropolitan Area and to cover the following:

Build upon a highly participatory process and close collaboration with key stake holders

  1. Integrate urban planning with economic development by building on the existing and emerging economic drives of the Metropolitan area.
  2. Allocate strategically the resources to key catalytic investments in order to attract private investments and avoid sub-optimal allocation of public fund.
  3. Mobilizes both local and external resources for city development and
  4. Develop the institutional capacity and set permanent mechanism that will ensure the implementation

The selected consultant will prepare the CDS through following six stages as follows

  1. Stage 1: Formulation of the Knowledge framework with the stake holders
  2. Stage 2: SWOT analysis with the stakeholders
  3. Stage 3: Visioning with the stakeholders
  4. Stage 4: Formulation of the CDS
  5. Stage 5: Formulation of Implementation measures.
  6. Stage 6: Preparation of the TOR for the integrated Master Plan for the Metropolitan Area.

The selected consultant will be a company with proved international experience in CDS formulation has been prepared at least 2 (two) City Development Strategies and /or Local Development Studies preferably with alliance and WB approach. The consulting company will be required to make available CDS Team with following experts:

  1. Team Leader / Urban Planning-Development Specialist
  2. Urban Economist/ LED Specialist
  3. Urban Infrastructure and Utilities expert(Municipal Engineer)
  4. Urban Environmental  Expert
  5. Cultural Heritage and Tourism Expert
  6. Institutional Building and Training Expert

The companies applying for this assignment are required to include the CV’s of relevant experts in their EOI.

The eligible consultant to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services description of similar assignments experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among (audited financial accounts other resources etc) Consultants may have associate to enhance their qualification.

A consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank Guide Lines Selection of Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers 2011 edition.

AIC DEVELOPMENTS is to be an associate consultant to the lead consultant on this project.

 All initial contacts by email to Dr ASHRAF ISMAIL, Principal Consultant, AIC DEVELOPMENTS  | Europe & Middle East | email: info@aicdev.co.uk | mobile: +961 70 090 582

Final Date of  submission is 14.00 hrs 12th June 2012


Egyptian Election: First Stage Final Results Bring Chaos

I am delighted to say that after the announcement of the first stage final results of the elections, the situation is dramatically changing in Egypt and Mr Shafiq’s position is even stronger. Though he came as a 2nd with total votes of 5.5 Million and the first is Mr Morsi with 5.7 Million votes.

After today’s results people were gathering in the streets objecting that Mr Shafiq is in the final race. It was claimed that the majority of the protesters side with Mr Sabahi who scored 4.8 Million , Abu El-Fetooh came in the 4th position, and Khalid Ali.  None of these three are in the final anyway and Mr Ali has scored the least with just above 120,000 votes. The gatherings were in thousands and in 6 cities around Egypt with the largest being in Alexandria and in Tahreer Square in Cairo. The main two reasons for the protestors being on the streets in Alexandria because Mr Sabahi made an appeal and it was refused and they would like to see Mr Shafiq excluded from the final.

The vast majority of population were surprised to see these massive gatherings because they firmly believe it was a very fair election. Sooner after that and towards the night, protesters were chanting anti-government and anti-election slogans “No to Badee No to Shafiq and Down Down to the Army Rule” and they started to tear down Mr Shafiq’s and Mr Morsi’s posters. Mr Badee is the official leader and guide of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Doki’s Campaign Office on Fire


The so-called revolution supporters have attacked 8 offices that belonged to Mr Shafiq’s campaign in 6 locations around Egypt. One of his offices was set on fire in Doki area in Cairo and it was believed that total amount of loss will be around 1 Million Egyptian Pounds. Mr Shafiq’s campaigners believe that the attack was carried out by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. The interesting thing is that the police and the army are not present to deter those people from such acts.

People are still in the streets protesting for the results. But one positive thing is being noticed, that so many people now hate the revolution and accusing the revolution supporters of being anti-democratic for not accepting the results. At the same time, so many are switching sides and declaring their support to Mr Shafiq for the 2nd stage of the presidency election which will take place in the 2nd week of June 2012.

Inside one of the offices

The majority of the Egyptians are now fed-up with this so-called revolution and would have liked to see a president elected in a democratic way after getting rid of the dictatorship of the past regime. But, Egyptians are now facing a new type of dictatorship which is the voices on the streets that want results to suit their temper and their own way. It is widely felts that the revolutionists have lost their ground. And Mr Shafiq is now and continually getting a wider support and would love to see him win because he would be able to bring stability back to Egypt.

Egyptian Elections – Confusion before announcement of first stage result

Egyptian Elections – Confusion before announcement of first stage result

It is expected that later today, on Monday 28th May, the final results of the first stage of the Egyptian Elections will be announced. The majority of the Egyptians believe that there will be re-run of election between Mr Ahmed Shafiq and Mr Mohamed Morsi. During the last few days the results and total figures have shown that they are the 2 candidates with the highest scores.

However, some leading public figures have different views about the 2 candidates that will be in the final presidential race based on the final scores that they have. They claim that Mr Morsi scored the highest figure of 5548219 followed by Mr Hamdeen Sabahi (the left wing activist) who scored 5205091. And in the third place is Mr Shafiq who scored 5173952. On that basis, the presidential race ought to be between Mr Morsi and Mr Hamdeen. So, Mr Shafiq is technically out of the race.

Mr Sabahi has many supporters who have been gathering and marching in several places around Egypt and they will continue doing so till tomorrow. The supporters have been making remarks that the revolution will continue or 2nd stage of wide-spread protests will take place if Mr Sabahi is not in the final race. If those figures proved to be true, I would expect chaos will be looming over Egypt for weeks to come.  Mr Sabahi has charisma for many young Egyptians and from the older generations who are in support of Pro-Nasir Movement.

In my personal views, I predict that Mr Sabahi will get the winning majority of voices and greater support in the final race if he is running against Mr Morsi. Supporters of Mr Shafiq will switch sides to support Mr Sabahi than of course giving their votes to Mr Morsi who represents the Muslim Brothers.

However, the final result will be announced today in the afternoon. The final figures will be given and the names of the 2 presidential candidates.

إنتخبوا الفريق أحمد شفيق في الإعادة

إنتخبوا الفريق أحمد شفيق في الإعادة

د.م أشــــرف إسمـــــاعيل (المعماري ومخطط المدن المصري العالمي)

أولا : الفريق أحـمـد شــفـيـق ليس فلول
أحــمـد شــفـيـق خدم مصر تحت نظام عبد الناصر، أنور السادات، وكذلك تحت نظام محمد حسني مبارك. الفريق أحــمـد شــفـيـق لم و لن يخدم نظام بعينه، بالعكس لقد خدم مصر وسيظل يخدم مصر ان شاء الله. وعلى غرار هذا المنطق فهل نعتبر الإخوان فلول أيضا؟ لوجودهم في مجلس الشعب و أحتلالهم لمناصب أخرى في الدولة تحت نظام مبارك.

ثانيا :الفريق أحــمـد شــفـيـق ليس قائد موقعة الجمل  ...
ياشعب مصر وياشباب مصر يجب علينا التحري من الإشاعات. الفريق أحــمـد شــفـيـق تولى مسئولية رئاسة مجلس الوزراء يوم 31 يناير ولقد حدثت موقعة الجمل في يوم 1 فبراير، ولم يكن يمتلك أي من الامكانيات أو الصلاحيات التي تتيح له بالسيطرة على الموقف ومع ذلك فهي الموقعة الوحيدة اللي تقدم فيها مسئولين حقيقين للمحاكمة. فقد مرعلينا من بعدها موقعة محمد محمود، ومجلس الوزراء، وماسبيرو، وأخيرا العباسية، ولا نرى أي من المسئوليين الحقيقين تقدم للمحاكمة أو حتى للإدانة. وهذه الأحداث والوقائع تمت في وقت وجود الإخوان في مجلس الشعب. وبالعكس لقد ذكر أحد الأعضاء الذي إنفصل عن الجماعة أن الإخوان كانوا موجودين على أسطح البنايات ومعهم ملوتوف وتم القاء القنابل عمدا على الثوار لغرض حصرهم في الميدان ولكي يمنعوهم من الهروب من الجمال. وتم تسجيل كل ذلك بالفيديو من الطائرات الهليكوبتر المحلقة. وأستخدم هذا الدليل في المحكمة مع وجود شهود عيان من الإخوان. ولقد نشر هذا الموضوع في الصحف. الخلاصة، تحرروا الحقائق ولاداعي أن تردد هذه الإشاعات كالبغبغاء دون علم ودراية بالأحداث، ولا تكن مغيب.

ثالثا :الفريق أحــمـد شــفـيـق لا يعتبر “مبارك” مثله الاعلي  
أحــمـد شــفـيـق قالها حرفيا بأن “حسني مبارك مثلي الاعلى في الربط بين الحزم والرفق”  … فقط لاغير!

رابعا :الفريق أحــمـد شــفـيـق ليس مرشح المجلس العسكري  
المجلس العسكري أعلنها أنه لن يدعم أي مرشح. وللعلم، كل من يعمل في الشرطة أوالجيش لا يمتلك حق الإدلاء بصوته بمعنى إن المجلس العسكري غير قادر تماما على مساعدة الفريق أحمد شفيق ولوبصوت واحد.

خامسا :الفريق أحــمـد شــفـيـق ليس فاسد لكونه عمل  تحت مظلة نظام مبارك …
أحــمـد شــفـيـق لم يكن فاسدا يوما ولم يثبت عليه إدانة واحدة. بل هي إشاعات خاطئة وبدون أي دليل. لقد تدرج في المناصب من رئيس أركان قوات جوية إلى قائد قوات جوية  ثم إلى وزير طيران مدني. وتألق في كل هذه المناصب ولا يجب أن نحاسبه على أخطاء من حوله ويجب أن نحاسبه على أدائه وعمله، في مجال الطيران المدني، الذي يشهد له الاجانب قبل المصريين بكل ما هو طيب. وفي حالة استقالة الفريق أحمد شفيق كان من المتوقع جدا أن يكون مصير وزراة الطيران المدني من نفس مصير كل من وزارات المالية، والداخلية، والإسكان وغيرهم.

سادسا :إختياره كرئيس وزراء …
الفريق أحــمـد شــفـيـق نقطة أختياره ليكون رئيس للوزراء وقت الأزمة (وقت إندلاع ثورة 25 يناير) نقطة تحتسب له لا عليه. أحــمـد شــفـيـق جاء رئيس للوزراء كحلا للأزمة، من إختيار الشعب في ميدان التحرير، والدليل على هذا الكلام هو الجرائد اليومية أيام 29 يناير و 30 يناير. إختيار الرئيس السابق حسني مبارك لسيادة الفريق أحمد شفيق ليكون رئيسا لمجلس الوزراء في هذا الحين، إن دل على شئ،  فأنه يدل على أن الرئيس السابق يريد أن يخرج من أزمته ومحنته وعليه إختيار من يرضي الشعب، قبل أن يرضيه هو شخصيا، فكان الاختيار “أحــمـد شــفـيـق “ولكن الثوار غيروا رأيهم وليش الشعب بعد رحيل الرئيس السابق وكانوا الثوار رافضين تماما مبدأ كل ما كان ينتمى لنظام مبارك. ولهذا إستقال الفريق أحمد شفيق من رئاسة مجلس الوزراء لعدة أسباب منها المكر، والمكيدة، والإشاعات، والتجريح بالكلام من شخصيات مخادعة للثوار والثورة كما تم إثبات ذلك في الأسابيع الماضية.

سابعا :مصر للطيران لم تكن ضمن أسوأ 10 شركات على مستوى العالم
الفريق أحــمـد شــفـيـق أختير قبل الثورة بعشرة أيام ضمن أفضل 20 شخصية على مستوى العالم. فكيف يكون ضمن أفضل 20 شخصية ومصر للطيران ضمن أسوأ 10 شركات في العالم؟ كيف تكون شركة مصر للطيران ضمن تحالف “ستار” العالمي والشركة ضمن أسوأ 10 شركات في العالم ؟ هذه الأكاذيب والإشاعات كثيرة وغير مبررة لإنجازاته. ويمكن التحقق من ذلك عبر الماقلات المنشورة في الصحف الأجنبية.

ثامنا :أحــمـد شــفـيـق لم يترشح للرئاسة طمعا في سلطة أومنصب …
لقد أكتفى سيادة الفريق أحمد شفيق بمناصب وترقيات على مدار 40 عام. لقد ترشح سيادة الفريق أحمد شفيق لمنصب رئاسة الجمهورية تنفيذا لرغبة حشود من الشعب والثوار التي كانت تتكاثر وتتجامع أمام منزله إسبوعيا وتطالبه بتنفيذ رغباتهم بالترشح لرئاسة الجمهورية. وبالفعل قام سيادة الفريق بالترشح لرئاسة الجمهورية طلبا من الشعب والثوار. هذه هى الديموقراطية التى حققتها الثورة.

ملحوظة: لقد ثبت أنه على خلق حتى في أصعب المواقف كما شاهدنا في الأيام الماضية. وعند فوز الفريق في مرحلة الإعادة للإنتخابات سوف تكون لمدة أربعة سنوات فقط وفي حالة عدم نجاحه في هذا المنصب يمكن للشعب أن يطلب منه التنحي الفوري. ولكن في حالة فوز الإخوان في الإسبوع القادم، مصر سوف تكون تحت رحمة المرشد العام وسوف تتحول الى دولة إرهابية وسوف يكون لهم جيش ثوري حر ولايمكن للشعب مطالبتهم بالإستقالة أو التنحي. وإذا طلب الشعب ذلك سوف يكون مصيرنا الإعدام شنقا في الميادين العامة كما يحدث في إيران أومصير الثوريين سوف يكون الإغتيالات كما يحدث الأن في لبنان. لقد قال حسن البنا مؤسس الإخوان بأنهم ليس مسلمون لأنهم إتبعوا الإرهاب، والخيانة، والكذب، وهذا ماعلمناه منهم في مدار السنة والنصف سنة الماضية.

فلنكمل المسيرة ونتتخب هذا الرجل العملي من أجل مصر والثورة. ولا تتقاعص عن واجبك الوطنى وهو الإدلاء بصوتك كمصري  ودورك سوف يحث الآخرين على الإجابية. فكلنا نريد النهوض بمصر.

Egyptian Elections – Result: First Stage

by Dr Ashraf Ismail on Friday, May 25th, 2012 at 11:45pm

Egyptian Elections – Result: First Stage

On Friday 25th May 2012, the 3rd day of the presidential election in Egypt. The 3 presidential candidates in forefront are in the following order: Mr Ahmed Shafiq, Dr Mohamed Morsi, and Mr Hamdeen Sabahi. The first is leading by 100,000 votes and we are still waiting for the final results of the last 6 governates. It is already expected and predicted that the election will be repeated next week between the two fore runners. Mr Shafiq is a military background man who served under the previous regime and Mr Morsi is a representative figure of the Muslim Brotherhood. The two candidates have different kind of supporters, wide and varied representative age groups, and different political agendas.

Mr Shafiq has both conservative and liberal way of thinking and know to be a very practical person aiming to bring stability to the country and solid investments. Whereas Mr Morsi is an islamist hardliner with an affiliation to a group that has deceitful history full of violence.

In terms of future investments and socio-economic development programmes, it is widely envisaged that Egypt’s economy will rapidly grow under Mr Shafiq’s development progamme. Others do have reservations and fears about the state of affairs that Egypt will go through should Mr Morsi wins this race.

Violence and unrest could easily be evident but we cannot guess to what extent at this stage. Several pro-revolution groups have been making suggestive remarks, on social networking sites, towards violence and revenge because Mr Shafiq’s presence on the political scene and being at the leadership of this fair election.

Egypt’s Post Elections Dilemma

by Dr Ashraf Ismail on Thrusday, May 24th, 2012 at 09:20am ·


The world needs to know that Egypt is now going through a very critical stage. The presidential election is taking place on the 23rd and 24th of May and will run for a good number of weeks. So, Egyptians are going to start voting for the first time in an open pro-democratic election. Among the 13 presidential candidates, there are few who have close connections with past-history and affiliated with terrorist groups. One or two candidates are willing to establish new close ties with other countries like Iran and groups which are also closely associated with terrorism.

On the other hand, there are 2 candidates; who are truly decent and with no ties to terrorism, Mr Amr Mousa and Mr Ahmed Shafiq. Both have served in the previous regime but are well known for their decency and proven track record in politics. The problem is that young Egyptians, who are not well informed with politics at all, don’t really like the last two mentioned names on the basis that they served in the previous government. And they argue that the revolution existed to oust all of the previous regime.

The majority of Egyptians now believe that this revolution which was only led by less than 3 million is not a true representation of the actual voice of Egyptians who are more than 80 millions. The majority feel that Egypt is now being hijacked by terrorist groups and by hooligans. The majority also will rely on the result of the ballet boxes and would hope that Mr Mousa or Shafiq would win to bring stability to Egypt and to win it back from the terrorists and the hooligans.

Sooner or later Egypt will need the International Communities to fight back those terrorists and oust them or totally eradicate them once and for all.


by Dr Ashraf Ismail on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 12:42am ·


Egypt’s Revolution and Unrest

During the coming few days, Egypt is being fuelled towards an internal civil war. A number of Political Parties and other coalitions consisting of Liberal Groups and Youth Groups; all are inviting for a massive march on Friday the 20th April. The coming weeks leading to the “Presidential Election” which will take place towards the last week of May 2012 will be full of surprises to most people. Chaos and widespread blood sheds will probably be witnessed unless they show some restrain and come back to their senses.

This is the beginning of the internal divisions which will lead to a probable civil war in the coming few months. The majority of Egyptians do suffer from major stress and other anxieties due to the current political situation making them so irrational, unable to have clear decision-making process; in return affecting them in their daily life. The country’s economics are into the red. Businesses are suffering for over a year now due the political situation on the ground. The recent results of ousting 10 presidential candidates are evidently adding pressure into the daily life of the Egyptians.

Other Egyptians are using this situation to their advantage and will be fueling the mass to make riots and disruptions on a wider scale. We will probably be seeing soon on the ground and in the major squares different kind of Egyptians, rioters, hooligans, people full of hate to one another for no apparent reasons apart from using their own political propaganda “for the Love of Egypt”. Youths and the older generations are accusing each other of the current state of affairs. Both claim to be patriotic and know the best for Egypt.

Egypt is now in a much more desperate situation than ever to have an orderly state. With the lack of a strong leadership in the form of an elected president on the scene, chaos will spread even more in the capital and other cities. The majority of “Youth Groups” and other “Political Parties” are now using “death threats” and “verbally abusive remarks” against each other and promoting hate towards political figures and towards the average Egyptians too.

The majority of the mass Egyptians are poorly educated and not well-informed with the various political scenarios; either internally or on international levels. The majority and this is due to the country’s poor economics, are misled and running after slogans that imminently will lead to widespread chaos. Hooliganism became now the norm in Egypt. And, I don’t mean “hooliganism” only in the streets in the form of violent acts; on the contrary I mean it in the actual thinking and in the way they put their messages across. Appalling and smutty words are typically used against anyone either strangers, friends, or even own family members simply because they don’t share the same political views. Hate fills many hearts of the Egyptians against their own people. I have seen it in front of my own eyes how they insult others because of the difference in opinions and physical threat is being used because of siding with one presidential candidate than others.

We are now seeing a paradigm shift in this so-called “Egyptian Revolution” it turned out to be a sour change to the country. The general “Youths” claim that the revolution has achieved a lot. Other Youth Groups see that it is a long way to go even after the one and half year since its eruption on the 25th January. The “Youth” are seen now as the sore thumb that has caused all this internal mess due to their inexperience and overzealous passion towards a socio-economical change and political reform.

The sad thing is, the presidential candidates claim love to their own country and allegedly don’t have any hidden agendas that will impose threat towards any groups or sects of the community or any bias has taken place. So, why do the Egyptians resort to such verbal abuse? Psychologists will argue that verbal abuse is the manifestation of major tension or attention seeking personality or due to the lack in their ability to express themselves in a civilised manner which goes back to the way they were actually brought up. However, stress is actually showing on their faces due to the confusing political and economic situation. Would the abuse be confided to verbal remarks? Personally, I believe that aggression is slowly showing up and sooner or later will turn to physical.

We need to ask ourselves, which political party or groups are promising those blood sheds? And why would they resort to that? During the last week presidential race, some supporters did actually claim that dead bodies will be everywhere because The General Omar Suleiman has decided to join the race for the presidential elections. Do people actually know who Omar Suleiman is apart from the fact that he was the head of the secret intelligence and was the Vice President to President Mubarak for few days? The majority of Egyptians actually don’t know General Omar Suleiman at all; they have only followed and repeated ill founded rumours to satisfy their egotistical motives.

And yet, The General Omar Suleiman is now, on 18th April 2012, eliminated from the presidential election along with 9 other candidates. Though, he did show respect to the decision of his removal and instructed his followers and campaign organisers to refrain from gathering.

On the other hand, we see now on the streets in Cairo the other followers of Abu Ismail making full mouth threats and protesting in front of the committee building and elsewhere. Abu Ismail is a Salafist and an ultra-conservative candidate who faced recently an allegation that his mother had a dual American / Egyptian nationality; hence he was excluded from the presidential race. Abu Ismail’s followers have appealed the decision and claimed that his mother didn’t have the dual nationality. Apparently and in accordance to the media and the court cases, legal papers have been shown that his mother is actually a dual national. Abu Ismail’s followers are still objecting and making public threats to cause chaos on the streets. His supporters are making massive preparations in Tahreer Square for Friday the 20th April. At this moment, the average Egyptians are disappointed with the Salfies and their dogmatic stances for ousting Abu Ismail and they claim it was fabricated. Though he announced today that he didn’t know that his mother was actually a dual national.

On the night in preparation for the 20th April, one of the major 9 Km long bridges, October Bridge, is blocked by Abu Ismail supporters. It was reported that an ambulance van carrying an urgent case wasn’t able to reach its destination on time hence causing mortality. With this attitude we should expect a clash on the ground after the Friday prayer. It will not be surprising at all if the armed forces and security police would be heavily present in and around the Tahreer Square. Cairo might witness a different kind of “Friday March” that would be full of surprises while many at homes and overseas are holding their breath. Volunteers are in preparation to protect personal assets.

A number of candidates that will continue the presidential race. However, confusion about their proposed presidential programmes is common because many of them don’t have clear agenda. Egyptians in general relay on the candidate’s background or reputation, work experience, and their religious bias to form an opinion. Whether the information is correct or not; Egyptians in general manage so well in repeating slogans and rumors without actually vetting the information. So, we should expect some real surprises regarding that in the coming few weeks. If we scrutinise closely the presidential programmes of each candidate, we will find nothing but mediocre agendas displaying inexperience and inefficiency in presenting information to the mass that are poorly educated.

On the other hand, let us consider the country’s economics. During the past few days, there has been a major fire incident at Suez Canal at one of the local petrol companies. Rumors are seriously spreading around that, this fire has taken place due the exclusion of one of the presidential candidates. Do we really have clues about who that might be? Whether this is true or false, the situation remains jittery in Egypt. However, we can only predict rise in the fuel cost, lack of supply, longer queues, and consequently business performance in general will be affected. Another similar incident has taken place in south of Egypt at a petrol station. Another Fire! .. Is that a coincidence or another fabricated act? The cost of living is rising in Egypt from the prices of basic vegetable to the average commodities. The stock market is losing strength and business transactions are tumbling. If Egypt is to be saved from this financial crisis, it will need a bail out from foreign bodies with a value of $70 Billion US Dollars; double this figure in few months time in case of a civil war. The rate of inflation will rise even more and unemployment is estimated to be around 35%.

The above factors are qualified ingredients for an imminent conflict on the ground and probably we will be witnessing a clash between the various groups and political parties on the streets.

The worst thing that could happen to Egypt is this internal mess would lead to a conflict on the ground and the Army would get dragged into it. If this would be the case, Egypt will be just like Iraq, in the long run, but with a different touch and for different reasons. The sickening part of this scenario, most Egyptians refuse the fact that it could be another Iraq. This assumption is made on the basis that the socio-economic structure of Egypt is not similar to Iraq and it has no religious sects or divisions within the community. This is another dogmatic view which could lead Egypt to unforeseeable disaster because people don’t actually see or acknowledge the existance of such divisions. In my views, it is a predictable disaster.

External and internal factors have managed to create in Egypt divisions based on religious ideologies and fundamentalism whether biased to Islam or Christianity, liberalism pro Egypt, liberalism pro west, pro democracy, pro communism, youth movements in every shape and colour including “Emos” the daffodils, and the new Egyptian breed who are pro hooliganism. Those factors have managed to penetrate the deepest fabric of the Egyptian society with ideologies that were alien to the main stream thinking.

Egypt is about to face the start of a civil war unless the Army and Police show serious presence and take control with an attitude displaying supremacy and intolerance to the Hooligans. Should violence erupt I would be very sympathetic with the Army if they decide to cancel the Presidential Election and appoint a temporary president. Did the revolution achieve any things apart from chaos? The answer is NO, and Egypt is back to square one.


18.04.2012 – 1st Release

19.04.2012 – 2nd Release

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